Improve the quality of patient care and boost productivity of your medical personnel.

Point Mobile devices simplify the demanding workflow while bringing the patients and staff closer together.

Keep patient records, medication administration and treatment all in thee palm of your hand with Point Mobile.


Patient Care

Identify patients by scanning a barcode and access the right records, medication, and treatment.

Point Mobile devices are dedicated to making collaboration and communication comfortable among healthcare providers, to ensure the best care for your patients.

Carry your workstation at your fingertips and be where you are needed in the demanding healthcare environment.


A steady flow of any operation depends on the quality of inventory management, and this is no exception for a pharmacy.

Guarantee patient safety and eliminate human error with our rugged mobile computers to keep track of expiration dates for medications in stock.

Make trouble free decisions in identifying the right medication for disposal on top of managing stock-taking, stock ordering, as well as pricing.


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