Powerful tools are essential to enable your staff to access the right data at anytime.

Point Mobile provides what you need to stay focused on your customers improve the performance of your workforce and keep track of your business.



Point Mobile handheld mobile terminals are developed to be conveniently used in the hospitality industry.

They enable you to service related businesses in the easiest way possible and promote it most efficiently.

Durability, ergonomics, and outstanding design, in all hospitality environments, whether it is a hotel or a restaurant, public facility or other personalized use.

We predict that mobile marketing will propel hospitality business as well as customized software solutions, make Point Mobile devices irreplaceable to new heights in a decade to come.

Field Services

Keeping track of the service flow and ensuring the safety of your drivers is essential in running a smooth, effective operation.

Guarantee customer satisfaction as well as the productivity of your field workforce by improving the process of locating and managing worker activity, scheduling work, accessing service history and status, and billing.

Stay connected with your professionals in and out of the office through Point Mobile.


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