Point Mobile’s latest technology solutions for any kind of governmental operation empowers you to accurately identify, track and monitor your personnel and assets.

Our rugged mobile devices are ready to be used in the field – for faster, more efficient and secure operations!


Public Safety

When it comes to emergencies due to any disaster, delays in response time is not an option.

Visibility of assets and personnel has never been more important, and first responders rely on the accuracy of inventory and deployment where so many lives are at stake.

In these high urgency situations, Point Mobile provides ultra-rugged devices to support and accompany the first responders every step of the way.

PTT with extra loudspeakers allows steady, reliable communication for effective collaboration and teamwork.

Law Enforcement

Whether it is issuing tickets, manage permits or any kind of other violation, Point Mobile got the right choice of rugged hardware for law enforcement operations.

Our solutions for law enforcement officers and first responders can precisely track gear, assets, personnel and equipment in real-time, and helps managing your resources as efficient as possible.


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